Welcome to the new blog!

26th September 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Welcome!

Welcome to my new blog.

Most of you will already know me from Twitter, @UKsearch247. UKsearch247 Twitter

And some will know me from facebook!, UKsearch247. UKsearch247 facebook

So why have I set up a blog when I can use Twitter and facebook?
Well, a good question!
Mainly, I own it! That means I can post when I like, and how much I like!

You see some days I may only have a few minutes to chat, so I will post all my chatter in a short amount of time, other days I may wish to waste all day blogging!

Anyway I decided to set up this blog due to facebook closing me down this morning, I had to jump through some hoops to get it all back online again! NOT GOOD!! And a waste of time!

It was one of those days when I had only about 10 to 15 minutes to thank quite a few very important people, that’s you guys by the way!
So I posted a few posts in a quick calculated manner (I am a bit nerdy, lol!) to use my time more wisely.
Anyway, I wasn’t given a reason from facebook, just the hoops to jump through, to get the ‘facebook blog’ back online, I can only presume that was the reason!

I can’t have this lack of reliability from certain 3rd parties, for my friends, followers etc, so I have started this blog as the main ‘base’ of my posts.