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Enhanced Descriptions and Multiple Categories!

Even more exposure than before!
The Silver Business Listing Package gives you the opportunity to list your Business Website under multiple categories
increasing your exposure within the search results!
Plus you continue to receive all the features that you have become accustomed to with the Bronze Business Listing Package
the enhanced descriptions, Fancy HTML descriptions for style, flair and branding.
Embedded keyworded links to pages of your website.

Silver Business Listing

Title : Usually Your Business

Title your page carefully as this becomes your listing address, and will play a big part in your search results and can not be changed.

Website Address : A very handy inbound link

Included within this package is a very handy inbound link to your website!

Category : 4 Selections

Here you can choose which category or categories to list your business/website.

Uploads : 3

This package allows you to upload your own pictures, start to customise your listing and stand out!

Google Map

The Silver Listing package comes with a google map embedded within your listing, show people the way to your business!

Description : Your listing page - HTML

A real opportunity to sell yourself with a full profile page of what you're about! With the added features of HTML styling you can really make this your own!

Website Picture : Website Screenshot

A screenshot of your website will be taken and uploaded on your behalf.

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Silver Business Listing Package
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